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Well, hello there……

5 Sep

Hello and welcome to the new gallery of Molly Grundy’s most recent illustration work.


Nonas (3′ x 2′) 2010.

Cotton, Wool, Velour, Sheepskin, Spandex, Leather, Vinyl and Buttons

Americana Boy ( 1′ x 1′)2010.

Cotton, Spandex, Fleece, Viscose Fringe, Leather and Vinyl

Its Smoke Time  (4′ x 3′)  2010.

Silk, Taffeta, Velour, Spandex, Leather and Vinyl

The Big Night  (4′ x 3′)  2010.

Cotton, Spandex, Silk, Wool, Tule, Leather, Vinyl and Buttons

Line Up  (4′ x 2′) 2010.

Spandex, Sheepskin, Cotton, Leather, Vinyl and Chain

Milano Lady  (1′ x 1′)  2010.

Wool, Faux Rabbit, Cotton, Vinyl, Leather and Rinestones

Wolverina   (5′ x 3′)   2010.

Silk, Cotton, Jersey, Fur, Leather and Vinyl

Milano Man  (5′ x 3′)  2010.

Velvet, Cotton, Linen, Taffeta, Vinyl and Leather

Many More To Come.  Please Contact Me, As I Am Also The Queen Of Custom Portraits!