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In Search of a Midnight Kissss…..

9 Mar

The Textile Museum of Canada

Featured in the 2011 Shadowbox Show.

In Search of a Midnight Kissss. 2011. 1′ x 1′ .Cotton, Velvet, Vinyl, Leather

and Acrylic Paint.


Lose Your Own Adventure….

9 Mar

Two of my favourite pieces from my thesis year.

I’m hoping to eventually film a series of shorts with these ladies as they are hiding fully functional armatures under their skivvies!

Cowgirl. 2008.  Cotton, Spandex and Leather.  Background Serigraph on Board.



RobinHeart. 2008. Wool, Cotton,Spandex and Leather.  Background Lithograph on Board




So, I’ve been Busy….

6 Dec

Very Busy.

Please feast your eyes on The Molly Channel.

Now keep those eyes peeled for my fabric illustration, plush sculpture, furniture and entire Wardrobe!



Thank You Wendy Morgan. You really get it.